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Bonnie Cohn

Campus Administrator


Meet Bonnie Cohn

Campus Administrator

What are your professional accomplishments and credentials?

I graduated from WCTC in December of 1997 and worked as a Medical/Surgical nurse at Waukesha Memorial Hospital for 16 years, from 1998-2014.  I have been the Director of Health Services at Muskego Regency since that time.

When did you join Regency?

April 2014

How long have you been in this line of work?

Since 1998

What adjectives do people use most to describe you?

Kind, honest, trustworthy, gentle, funny.

Describe what you do in a nutshell.

I am in charge of all 28 CNAs and two supervisors for Regency Muskego and ensure the health office is staffed. I assess all the residents before they move into the Lodge to make sure they are in the right programs that set them up for success. Together with the Supervisors, I make sure all medication orders are processed correctly. We also act as advocates for our residents and assist with access to medical personnel as needed. We like to make our residents feel secure, respected, and have a good quality of life. 

What do you like most about your job?

Seeing the smiles on my residents’ faces and hearing them laugh. As I am writing this now, a group of ladies are playing a dice game and they are laughing, hooting, and clapping!

When you're not at work, where would we find you?

On the couch with my dog, unless it’s summer – then I’m camping!