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Hello Regency Family!

I have a question for all of you. Does anyone currently have a bucket list? A what - you ask? A Bucket List! A list of all the fun adventures… maybe there is one place you want to revisit? Maybe a kind gesture or something goofy that makes you smile! Maybe a physical or financial goal? Maybe a personal meaningful connection that could change your life? So many possibilities! (I remember back in my early 30s after having four small children, my only bucket list item was to slide into my favorite pair of blue jeans, which at the time seemed impossible …oh and sleep for more than two hours in a row!) How about something fun you have always wanted to try or maybe a hobby that you didn’t have enough time for while juggling a family and a job?

When thinking about this month’s article, I struggled with finding a neutral space that would convey a message of hope and joy. With the economy struggling, a pandemic still on the loose, a heated election around the corner and with the long days of winter coming, I thought how can I possibly write such an article offering hope…And then it hit me like a child who sees Santa Clause for the first time – Let’s create a bucket list! Why? Awe heck who knows why! Maybe because we all need to see some light at the end of this tunnel. Maybe because sometimes it is fun to let your mind travel and your heart explode. I invite you to come along with me!

Sit back. Close your eyes. Relax.
Take in a few deep breaths.
What do you see?

I have asked friends, family and residents this exact question. The answers are all over the board. I have heard some say they no longer need a bucket list because they have everything checked off and finally feel “home” where others immediately had a destination in mind– Vegas for example was top of list – or an activity – I heard jump out of a plane! If you would feel comfortable sharing a few items off your list, we could create one giant bucket wish list and maybe someone you didn’t even know who lived down the hall from you has the same desire! Maybe next year you will find yourself laying on a lawn chair with a pineapple drink in one hand and a mystery novel in the other and sand between your toes! Maybe you want to exercise and train for a 5k (or fit back into your favorite pair of jeans!) Let your mind and heart explore any possibility.

So…What is on your bucket list? Here are a few I found on Mr. Bucket List at and (I also snuck a few of my own personal bucket list wishes in the list below!)

  • Enter an Art Show
  • Write your own book, which then becomes best-seller and then a movie : )
  • Skinny Dip in the ocean
  • Stop at a lemonade stand and give the kid a $100 bill
  • Read the Bible
  • Kiss the Blarney Stone
  • Be a game show contestant
  • Wear the Halloween costume you always wished you would have worn
  • Cross-country road trip with just your dog and a backpack
  • Play maracas in a mariachi band
  • Sleep in a tree fort
  • Start the wave at a stadium
  • See a taping of favorite show
  • Coach a Little League team
  • Get your fortune told
  • Attend the Indy 500
  • Learn how to play an instrument – better yet become a rock star!
  • Be a bike messenger in NYC
  • Break dance at your grandchild’s wedding
  • Attend a Renaissance Festival
  • Find an old friend from school
  • Fly somewhere First Class
  • Ride an elephant

Did you see any that you thought Wow – I would love to do that! If you would like to share with us your bucket list, please drop a note in the Regency Bucket Wish List Box at our front desk. I would love to follow up this blog with all the wonderful wishes you have! As I have taught my children, it doesn’t matter if we are 5 or 95, as a human race, we want to have fun and embrace friendships, love and peace. Regency Senior Family, as I am sure I speak for all who work with the senior population, I am enriched from your strength and character, your will and determination, your love and wisdom, and your endurance through 2020! As I have said before and I will keep saying –

We got this Regency! Now get going on that Bucket List!

Written With Love,

Wendy Meyer Life Enrichment Director ProHealth Care Regency Senior Communities