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Top House Cleaning Tools for Seniors

If you or a loved one is gearing up to do some spring cleaning in the coming weeks, it’s important to stock up on the tools of the trade that will make the job easier and less strenuous.

Spring cleaning for seniors doesn’t have to be an overly difficult project, and with a few special tools, it can even be a quick and satisfying experience, especially when spread out across a few days. As you’re prepping for a big clean, think about picking up a few of these products.

  • Robot Vacuum: A self-propelled robot vacuum is one of the most useful and effort-reducing cleaning tools one can buy. Not only can they do the weekly vacuuming for you, most robo-vacuums can be programmed to operate at certain hours, avoid specific rooms or areas, and react to voice commands.
  • Electric Spray Mop: Much like robo-vacuums, electric mops make cleaning floors easier. They might not do the job for a large mess, but they’re perfect for weekly use. There’s a huge variety of options when it comes to these devices, but most use some combination of cleaning solution, steam or heat, and cleaning pad. You simply load the cleaning solution into the mop, hit a button to release the cleaner, and push the lightweight mop pad over the floor.

    Mops with slimmer profiles can get under furniture, into corners, and into unusual spaces really well, so decide what style would suit your space best before buying. 
  • Electric Scrub Brush: A handheld electric scrub brush is a must-have when it comes to making sure the small, intricate spots of the home are sparkling clean—think sink faucets, tilework, appliances, and other tiny spots where grime is prone to appear. The electric brush spins and scrubs for you, making it a great tool for those who struggle with fine hand movements or motor skills.
  • Extendable Duster: Perfect for out-of-reach dust and cobwebs, a dusting tool with an extendable, telescoping handle is a highly versatile tool. Look for one with a flexible pole and duster head that bends to fit tight spaces and unusual angles. 
  • Set-and-Forget Deep Cleaners: Even easier than all-purpose cleaners are “set-and-forget” cleaners or those you apply to the soiled surface and leave in place for anywhere between 5 minutes to a few hours. Some require you to wipe up the residue after the application time expires, but many—such as foaming shower cleaners, Draino or drain sticks, dishwasher-cleaning tablets, carpet stain removers, and more—simply clean the surface and dissolve on their own, which reduces the effort and elbow grease needed. 
  • Automatic Shower Cleaners: Devices that clean the shower for you are some of the handiest money can buy. Most are adhered to your shower wall and have a button that dispenses cleaning solution in all directions, helping to prevent mildew, soap scum, and mineral buildup on your shower walls and tub. 

At Regency, our top focus is our residents’ health and comfort. That’s why we offer cleaning, homemaking, and linen services to residents at multiple stages in our care continuum. Our staff is available to assist with anything from a quick tidying to deep cleaning needs, and our senior apartments are designed to make caring for one’s home easy. To learn more, explore Regency’s resident services.