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No matter what a resident’s fitness level, there is a class or fitness equipment center available. Residents immerse themselves in Tai Chi, Zumba Dance, Sit Fit classes, Stretching Sessions, and more all under the direction of professional fitness instructors. Keeping fit is easy and fun at Regency!

Click On Your Campus Below for This Months Fitness Center Class Schedule! 

New Berlin



Regency Fitness Center Class Descriptions

  1. Internet 101 -  What’s Bluetooth, what’s Wi-Fi? How does email differ from a web page? Is Face Book safe? How do I get rid of unwanted emails? This class will answer these questions and guide you through the very basics of technology and more… workout that brain! (45 minutes)
  2. Seated Movement (REGENTS CLUB) – This class can help alleviate the aches and pains of the aging body. Feeling tired, weak, ornery? Movement can help mitigate those feelings and help you better navigate day-to-day activities. (30 minutes) Now being offered Tuesday and Thursday.
  3. Balance 1 (Beginners) – Seated and some standing (behind a chair) full body exercises to help increase muscle strength, balance, stability and fall prevention. Resting between movements included. (30 minutes)
  4. Balance 2 (Intermediate)– Standing and short slow-walking exercises to help increase muscle strength, balance, stability and fall prevention. (30 minutes)
  5. Seated Full Body – Seated workout from head to toe leveraging your own body weight incorporating hand, arm & leg movements. For beginners and those who could use a full body wake-up!  (30 minutes)
  6. Seated Yoga – Instructor Cari T. from Simple Joy Yoga is here for seated yoga. If you prefer the floor, accommodations can be made during class. The last yoga class will be November 3rd! (45 minutes)
  7. Seated Cardio – Elevate that heart rate and work up a little sweat to lively music. If you enjoy Seated full Body and would like a little faster-paced, this class is for you! (30 minutes)
  8. Cardio Drumming – How it works: a large exercise ball resting in a wash tub sits in front of you seated in a chair. Grab a drumstick in each hand, feel the beat of lively music and follow the instructor to move that body and maintain a healthy heart. No prior “drumming” experience required. (30 minutes)
  9. StrongBodies™ Strength Training – Structured, safe, and effective evidence-based strength-training program developed for adults of any age. Brought to you through the UW-Madison Extension. Recovery/rest time included in session. (90 minutes) 
  10. Meet & Greet Molly – We have a new instructor joining us on Tuesday’s! Meet and discuss your fitness goals with Molly starting November 15th in the TR1 Fitness Room. Sign-up with Jane.


Sign-up for classes by contacting Jane at: (262) 330-5162,, or stop by the Fitness Center (Ground Level TR4).