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Fitness, Exercise and Wellness

Keeping fit is easy and fun at Regency Senior Communities! 

No matter what the residents fitness level, each location has a senior exercise class or fitness equipment to help them reach their goals. Exercise class offerings include: balance, cardio drumming, seated stretching, yoga, Strong Bodies™ strength training, memory care fit and more. All under the direction of professional fitness instructors. 

On-site massages available for keeping up with your wellness.

Senior Living Exercise Classes & Massage schedule

Classes will vary by location. See schedules below for details. 

Brookfield - Schedule  

Muskego - Schedule

New Berlin - Schedule

Regency Senior Living Fitness Programs

Senior Balance – Full body exercises to help increase muscle strength, stability, and prevent falls. Participants perform exercises both seated and standing. 

Seated Full Body for Seniors– Assorted seated workouts from head to toe, leveraging your own body weight incorporating hand, arm and leg movements. For beginners and anyone who could benefit from a full body wake-up! 

Seated Senior Cardio –Strengthen your muscles, improve flexibility, and elevate your heart rate through seated routines incorporating fluid arm and leg movements to high-tempo music! 

Seated Senior Kick Boxing – Leverage basic boxing moves such as jab, cross, hook, upper cut, and leg kicks to increase upper body and torso strength. 

Cardio Drumming for Seniors – Seated or standing, combine cardio exercise and drumming to lively music. Improve your rhythm, increase your cardio output, and burn calories!

StrongBodies™ Strength Training – Structured, safe, and effective evidence-based strength training program developed for adults of any age. Brought to you through the UW-Madison Extension. 

Senior Functionally Fit – This class is both seated and standing. In the seated class, exercise bands of varying tensions are used. Or stand behind a chair with dumbbells for an upper and lower body workout to increase strength and balance. Finish off the workout with cardio drumming! 

Active Mind & Body for Seniors – Class alternates between an active games: bean bag toss and Velcro ball darts or mind games: trivia, Pictionary, and word games. 

Senior Memory Care Fit – Exercise class that focuses on large motor skill improvement. Small hand weights and exercise bands are used for strength and stretching to assist with improving range of motion.