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Affordable Assisted Living Near You

Regency's Assisted Living Affordability Calculator


Did you know that Assisted Living at Regency can actually be more affordable than staying in your current home? 

Many times, seniors spend more paying separately for mortgage or rent, maintenance, utilities, transportation, groceries, home care and entertainment. Regency's all-inclusive rate makes Assisted Living an affordable option. 

The worksheet linked below will help you compare the costs. Just enter your current expenses and the Assisted Living rate provided by a helpful team members at your preferred Regency location

Download our Affordability Calculator

Assisted Living can be a great option for those seeking peace-of-mind as they age. Read our recent blog post to determine if Assisted Living might be a good fit for you or a loved one.

Feel free to call us at (262) 649-1092 if you have any questions or would like to schedule a tour. We look forward to working with you!