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How Seniors Can Use Tech Tools to Be Healthier

We live in a day and age dominated by technology. When you didn’t grow up with it, the whole gamut of gadgetry can become a bit overwhelming, yet some ideas are especially helpful for older adults. To guide you through this brave new world, ProHealth Regency Senior Communities presents some tech-oriented tools that can help seniors live healthier lives.

First Thing’s First

Do you currently have sufficient health care? As Next Avenue points out, many seniors do without things like dental care because of the out-of-pocket expense involved. If you’re someone who has a history of skipping care due to costs, it’s important to review your health care options annually. If you haven’t already done so, look into getting a Medicare Advantage plan, which can provide additional coverage for things like dental, vision, and hearing, as well as wellness programs (yearly check-ups, fitness club memberships, etc.).

Apps and Channels for This and That

When it comes to your smartphone, checking on things like Medicare coverage is just the tip of the iceberg. Senior Lifestyle explains there is a terrific variety of wellness-oriented mobile apps for seniors. Everything from games that exercise your brain to fitness trackers to apps that help you connect with your friends. You can even use apps for health advice and keeping on top of your medications.

In addition to your phone, small streaming devices that connect to your TV can make it easier to access indoor exercise classes through a host of channels. Trying to follow along with a phone or tablet is tricky and uncomfortable. By using your TV to tap into streaming programming, you get a better view and will have an easier time following along. Just remember that if you do decide to use your smartphone to stream workout videos, then consider getting a protective case that can help shield it from accidents.

Creature Comforts

Have you embraced smart home technology? Even for seniors with smartphones, this is often foreign ground. It’s worth getting out of your comfort zone, though, because these gadgets can actually make living in your home more comfortable.

There are smart light bulbs to make it easier to navigate throughout your home, which is a big plus if you have vision issues. On top of that, you can operate smart bulbs right from your phone so you never have to come home to a dark house. If you have trouble keeping track of medications, there are smart dispensers to help you remember. To ease your work in the kitchen, there are smart appliances that do everything from reminding you to buy milk to measuring ingredients.

And don’t forget wearables. Many of the new smartwatches can not only track your fitness, but they can also let someone know if you fall or need help. And if you’re prone to falls, you might want to invest in an airbag belt. These gizmos wrap comfortably around your waist, detect when you fall, and expand instantaneously to help you avoid getting hurt.

Technology holds a host of possibilities for seniors who want to live healthier lives. Ensure you have the healthcare coverage you need, connect with apps and channels to keep you active and connected, and contemplate the gadgetry that will support you in your health goals. You can live a full, rich, healthy life as a senior, and tech tools can help you do it.

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