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Seniors Can Benefit From Help When Moving To Assisted Living


The vast majority of us will need a bit of a helping hand as we get older. This often means a move to Assisted Living. That can be an intimidating prospect for a person who has not only lived in the same home for potentially decades but is also facing what they perceive as the loss of independence. Fortunately, when you or your senior loved one is ready to make one of the Regency Senior Communities their new home, there are folks out there that can lend a caring and compassionate hand.

Assistance With Real Estate

Once the decision to move has been made, it’s time to see how much your home is worth. An appraisal calculator can help you and your family get a reasonable estimate of this number. Keep in mind, however, that there are many factors that determine how much the home is worth. These include the condition of the property, the number of bedrooms and baths, and even the school zone.

A senior real estate specialist (SRES) can help narrow down the home value even more (although they cannot provide an official appraisal for the bank). They will also have the expertise to help you navigate your unique circumstances. The Long Term Living Association explains that an SRES can also help make referrals to other services and individuals, including a senior relocation specialist. 

Help With The Practical

A senior relocation specialist may also be called a senior move manager. This is an individual that will help develop a moving or aging-in-place plan. They can work with you or your senior loved one to organize and sort belongings. They can also help with hosting an estate sale or auction, or donating excess household goods to charity. And, for seniors needing special services, such as cleaning, hanging pictures or connecting equipment, a senior move manager can take care of this as well.

Emotional Support

Getting through the practical aspects of a move is only half the battle. Your senior loved one might also require emotional support. They may be moving from a home that they love, and potentially one where they raised their children and lived their life for decades. It is not a time that many seniors actively look forward to. You can help them by offering emotional support. Remember to be compassionate during the process and keep a sense of humor, even if the senior pushes back.

Something else that might help is to remind your senior of everything they are gaining. They might, for example, find that the activities available at the Regency Senior Community are enough to get them excited about spending more time exercising, attending Bible study, or just playing games with new friends.

Moving as a senior comes with many hurdles. From downsizing to tackling the emotions of leaving a fully independent life behind, you don’t have to navigate it alone. Whether you are the senior moving or a family member helping to facilitate the process, make sure you choose your relocation team wisely. A great real estate agent, senior move manager, and, if needed, a counselor, are all talented and experienced individuals that will help make the transition a positive experience.

Guest article by Andrea Needham