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What happens if there is a positive COVID-19 diagnosis at a Regency community?

In the case of a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19 in a community, we follow the directives of the Waukesha County Health Department, and the guidance of the CDC and Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

For the safety of the community, we request all residents living in the community who test positive for COVID-19 to self-isolate in their apartment for the duration of the quarantine as determined by the local health department.  

Is COVID-19 testing available for Regency residents and employees?

Yes. Regency now has the capability to conduct in-house testing. 

Are residents allowed to leave their apartments?

In accordance with CDC, Wisconsin Department of Health Services and local health department guidelines, residents who test positive for COVID-19 will need to self-isolate in their rooms for the protection of others at the community. 

Residents are allowed to leave their apartments, but not allowed to be in Community spaces to prevent spread.

What precautionary measures has Regency taken to try to protect residents, employees and visitors?

Regency has followed the guidance of the CDC, WDHS and local health departments in the development of its COVID-19 operations. Some measures include: 

  • Conducting health screenings of employees and residents with a known COVID-19 exposure
  • Requiring staff to follow best practices for using personal protective equipment, hand-washing, sanitizing and other infection prevention measures that are part of our daily operations
  • Providing communities with additional tools to assist in monitoring residents’ health, such as thermometers and in-house COVID-19 tests
  • Engaging with our partners at ProHealth Care for recommendations and guidance to complement the internal expertise of our clinical team